Owners of mid-market, privately held companies are often successful entrepreneurs.  They can be consumed by daily activities, with little time to think strategically about their long term goals and how to achieve them.  They  often postpone serious discussions on Succession Planning, and can be slow to recognize the required steps to successful transition of ownership.  The key to succession planning is to begin early.  The key to  eventual owner liquidity is to grow Enterprise Value.

                                                         helps owners think strategically by focusing on their Next Big Decison.  Once we help them clearly articulate their Objectives, we help them identify and prioritize the opportunities that add the most value.  Then we help them assess how well their Business is Positioned to achieve those objectives, indentify the best Window of Opportunity, and help them Build a Plan.

What is your Next Big Decision?  How does it grow the value of the company and lead you closer to your objectives ?  We help you priorize your opportunities and engage the primary drivers of Enterprise Value.

How is your business Positioned?  We analyze several key dimensions of your company, compare it to Best in Class in your industry, and help you understand the ability of your company to meet your objectives.

Given how well your business is positioned, your personal risk profile and your time constraints, what is your Window of Opportunity?  We help you determine the time frame that gives you the best opportunity to meet your objectives.

Once you have prioritized the issues facing your business, have analyzed how ready you are to execute, and have determined your window of opportunity, you have the basic building blocks for an Action Plan.